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Intrigued by the world of online dating but don't want to waste your free time searching for someone special and suffering through the back-and-forth of how and when to meet up with them? We totally hear you. Once you discover someone interesting, why not get out into the real world with that potential mate and experience all the amazing things a city like SF has to offer? San Francisco's favorite new dating site can help you do just that.

If you've got your own ideas about what makes a perfect date in this town, you'll be joining quite a few like-minded people. As soon as you sign up, you'll notice that is chock full of real people with really awesome ideas for ways to get to know each other, like "How About We...drink some free wine at a gallery opening," or "How About We...take a stroll down Ocean Beach and visit the SF Zoo." These definitely aren't date ideas cooked up by a machine or algorithm.

When you're connecting with people who are as adventurous as you are, it makes dating way more fun and natural–and that's exactly how it should be. That's how puts the fun back into dating.

Sign up today and meet people who crave the same things you do!

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