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Spending precious hours of your life on dating sites can start to feel pretty soul-sucking, especially in a place like San Francisco where there is a ton to do. When it comes to online dating, we prefer to make plans with a total catch, and then get out there and actually do it! That's why is San Francisco's new go-to dating site. is an activity-based site, which means you sign up, make plans, and go out. And these aren't structured activities fed to you by an algorithm–the dates are concocted by real people, like "How About We...go hear some live bluegrass and drink some good whiskey," or "How About We...go to a ball game and get (a little) rowdy." Prospective dates who love the SF Giants, live music and appreciate good whiskey? Sign us up! Of course, once you sign up, you'll be able to suggest your own date ideas!

When you're connecting with people who love to do the same things you do, it makes dating easier and more natural–and that's exactly what dating should be. That's how puts the fun back into dating.

Sign up today and meet people who crave the same adventures you do!

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