Hump Day Halloween


Halloween happening midweek is always a bit confusing. When do you put on that costume? Do you party at the front or back end of the week?

Thankfully, tonight there’s still a lot to do, but in true San Francisco form, many of you have already been dressing up for a week now.

Last Saturday, I ventured to the Exotic Erotic Ball for the first time ever. I’d heard about it, and have always been a tad curious, so this year we showed up with a crew to film the night’s festivities. 

Marcelina and Emily Emily and Extenzie girl
Me and my assistant, Marcelina “Jackie Ho”; with Extenze (enhancement product) gal

For those of you who’ve never been, you’re probably wondering (just like I was), how crazy is it? How many people bared everything at the ball? With the popularity of Burning Man in the Bay Area, there’s not too much that can shock most people around here. 

Costume contest finalists Evan Seinfeld and Emily
Costume contest finalists; and me with The Spyderz’ Evan Seinfeld

That said, yes, the Exotic Erotic is a wild party with naked folk and gratuitous breast-flashing everywhere. There were several stages with live entertainment and an expo with the latest porn, sex toys and of course enhancement products. 

Behind bars Tera Patrick and Danny Bonaduce
Behind bars ... only for a moment; porn star Tera Patrick (Evan’s wife) with Danny Bonaduce

At one point, while trying to interview someone, I got distracted by a live stage performance that was going on: A porn star was showing a man how to touch her down there in the “right” way.

“Don’t rush in with your fingers. You’re not changing your oil,” she told the guy.

And how.

Have fun tonight wherever you go and in whatever sexy-slutty-studly-superhero costume you choose to wear.


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