It makes sense that Todd Selby, the photographer and visionary behind The Selby, a website that chronicles the fabulous dwellings and workplaces of fabulous people worldwide, would turn his lens on Jake Godby and his ice cream parlor, Humphry Slocombe.

Why? Because Selby has a taste for the unusual, for the cool, for the kinds of places where two-headed cows and bourbon ice cream are completely normal. Truly, this is a match made in heaven. The New York-based photographer (who has shot campaigns for Nike and Cole Haan, among others) has done a number of shoots with food folks in New York, including the Mast Brothers (of Mast Brothers chocolate) and the chefs at Saltie in Brooklyn, but this is his first SF food-focused feature. But (tease alert!) we hear it won't be his last.

Go on, take a peak at the photographs, and read four-question interview with Jake, in which he reveals the recipe for his frosted peanuts. Also, I challenge you: try not spend the rest of the afternoon checking out all the other fabulous photo galleries.