Originally published on CaliforniaHomeDesign.com

I've always considered myself a city girl, through and through, but as my days get busier, and I get, well, let's face it, older, the slow life of the country gets more and more appealing. But before you get any funny ideas, let me clarify: I mean this strictly in a "weekend house" kind of way, which is pure fantasy at this point. But I can dream…

This is a house that I've seriously been dreaming about. I've been lucky enough to do some "weekending" in the northern reaches of Marin Country (thank you, VRBO), specifically Marshall, Pt. Reyes and Bolinas, and have fallen in love. So much so that I torture myself by receiving weekly real estate emails of properties on the market up there. It's close enough to get to in under two hours and oysters are never in short supply. But I don't think I would want a full house with all the bells and whistles. I'm thinking more of a cabin, where life immediately slows down because it's forced to.

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