I Dream of Chocolate


Drinking up dreams.

As the office insomniac, I had the honor of testing out a new locally made product this week: Dreamerz, a flavored milk spiked with melatonin, that supposedly promotes restful sleep. It’s made right here in Mill Valley  and besides melatonin, it contains a recently patented, naturally derived milk-based protein called Lactium.

Most melatonin supplements contain from 1 to 3 milligrams, while a glass of Dreamerz contains only .3 milligrams, but in all fairness some studies have shown that smaller doses of melatonin actually work better against insomnia than larger ones.

But enough science babble. Dreamerz comes in French vanilla, milk chocolate and dark chocolate mint, and it tastes really good—rich and creamy. And I’m up for any excuse to consume something thick and chocolaty and before bedtime (or anytime, really). And since I often wake up about 2am and don’t fall back asleep till about 5—after several hours of cruising furniture bargains on Craigslist and cheap airfares on Expedia—I felt more than justified in downing a glass of it an hour before bedtime as directed. I didn’t wake up that night, so maybe it works. But I realize I’ll have to keep regularly chugging it to make the experiment as scientifically plausible as possible. Hey, someone’s gotta do it.
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