Many marriages fail in the United States today, but very few happen twice. Naysa and Wesley Scott took a second chance on love after a divorce following their first wedding together in 2002. Having been back together for almost a year now, they planned to celebrate their would-have-been original ten year anniversay in Napa together. Little did Naysa know, Wesley had something a little more special in mind. He re-popped the question and the couple decided to try again.

They thought about inviting friends and family along, but decided to keep it a secret and surprise everyone upon their return from the trip. Their friends and family love them together, so thats not the issue. They wanted to avoid the stressful wedding like first time around and decided on an intimate ceremony without all the distractions instead. The ceremony consisted of only the two of them and it was short and sweet. 

Photographer:  T.J. Salsman Photography

Reception Venue:  Harvest Inn