Former 49ers Harris Barton and Ronnie Lott played host to a benefit for Champion Charities, dedicated to promoting brain tumor research and helping children and families in need. The night's festivities included a performance of The Color Purple.

Lisa Wagner_Jim Black Lindsay Green_Alex Ramsey Jilliann Markey_Ronnie Lott
Lisa Wagner, Jim Black                Lindsay Green, Alex Ramsey    Jilliann Markey, Ronnie Lott

Ruth Fletcher_Kelley O'Brien_Pam Baer Shani Borden_Kristopher Thompson-Bolden
Ruth Fletcher, Kelley O'Brien, Pam Baer                     Shani Borden, Kristopher Thompson-Bolden

Jennifer Blakeley_Joe Lacob_Nicole Curran Stephanie Voelckers_Darryl Pollard
Jennifer Blakeley, Joe Lacob, Nicole Curran                              Stephanie Voelckers, Darryl Pollard

Ronnie Lott_Aneel Bhusri_Harris Barton Jason Arnoldy_Katya Sorokko
Ronnie Lott, Aneel Bhusri, Harris Barton                                          Jason Arnoldy, Katya Sorokko

Jeannine Kurtela_Jaclyn Kurtela_Siobhan Murphy guest_Lori Pucinelli Stern
Jeannine Kurtela, Jaclyn Kurtela, Siobhan Murphy                        guest, Lori Pucinelli Stern

guests_Douglas W. Shorenstein
guests, Douglas W. Shorenstein