<i>Valley of the Dolls</i>: A Modern Fashion Redux



If you’ve ever seen the Russ Meyer-directed cinematic relic Beyond the Valley of the Dolls—a loose adaptation of Jacqueline Susann’s rock n’ roll melodramatic fiction masterpiece Valley of the Dolls—then you’ve experienced the seamless combination of how music, outlandish ’70s fashion and copious amounts of inebriants can make for great entertainment. It would be interesting to imagine Jacqueline Susann’s epic novel of success and the evils of excess translated to contemporary culture, which, in this age of myspace and reality television, mirrors the fame-monger mentality and attention-demanding voracity of Susann’s Valley of the Dolls. This Friday get ready to experience a modern interpretation of debauch and fashion when http://www.myspace.com/stilettosf ">Stiletto—a new uber-fab monthly club—throws their Dolls-themed party complete with devastatedly glamorous tunes spun by SF DJs Omar and RCHRD OH!?!, as well as a performance by the aptly named group We Are Champagne. Because it wouldn’t be a proper homage to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls without a style component, Stiletto is also showcasing some local talent with a rock-inspired fashion show featuring designers Erin Emslie (look out for a future Glamwatch segment on this up-and-coming designer) who crafts sexy, customized denim with a definite ’70s appeal as well as designs by Workin’ Girl. To update and add a bit of modernized variation to the theme of fame (and its dark evil twin), the night also boasts an on-site photo studio—a perfect solution for documenting your fifteen minutes of fame, or fall from it. Strap on your highest platforms and come make Russ Meyer and Jacqueline Susann proud.

http://www.myspace.com/stilettosf ">Stiletto
Friday, December 21
AsiaSF 201 9th St., 415-255-2742

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