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"Millionaire" Bacon Storms SF, Ikea Pet Furniture Is a Thing + More Topics to Discuss Over Brunch


Order food while creeping on your new crush on Facebook, and feel like a baller by ordering "millionaire" bacon. Here are some stories you may have missed this week.

All you need is two slabs of bacon to feel like a millionaire, SF Gate

"Millionaire" bacon has been popping up at Bay Area restaurants and is designed to make you feel like a million bucks. The tasty dish ranges from $2 at Danville Brewing Co. in Danville to $14 at Blackwood in San Francisco. See what all the rage is about. Read more.

Get your food delivered without taking a break from your FB feed, TechCrunch

Great news! There no longer needs to be a lapse in your people stalking time on Facebook as now you can order food directly from the app. The new option, called Order Food (so clever) can be found in the Explore menu, where you can peruse local eats, order for take out or delivery, and look at reviews from friends. Read more.

Thai food returns to its roots in SF, NY Times

Appreciation for authenticity has returned in a golden era for Thai eats. With a plethora of new vegetables and herbs, added complexities have made their way into recipes, replacing the starchy, bland and sugar-filled plates that have been served in American-influenced restaurants. Needless to say, we're thrilled that our obsession for Thai food has infected SF. Hear from local Thai favorites like Hawker Fare, Commis and Lers Ros Thai on the shift. Read more.

Here's what interacting with robots looks like, Wired

Intelligent robots are a real thing, and they're slowly making their way into our lives in a number of ways. But the question is, are we truly compatible? It looks like, as with any kind of relationship, it's complicated. Read more.

If you haven't seen Ikea's pet line, you're missing out, Dezeen

As if we didn't already have a bad enough addiction to Ikea (if even just for the ice cream cones), they have now released a chic line of furniture for pets. You and your fur baby can be matchies! Read more.

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