Ike's Parties 'Till the Bitter End: Serving Sandwiches Until Midnight Tonight


Ike's Place, your candle burned bright, but the end has come. The eviction of one of the city's brightest sandwich gems takes effect tomorrow, but not before a late night street shindig and thousands of sandwiches served to dirty sauce fiends. Ike's will be open until the stroke of midnight tonight, so head down to the 16th Street outpost for one final wait in line.

After a well-documented battle and a ton of legal acrobatics between Ike Shehadeh and his landlord Denman Drobisch, the result is a very messy divorce. But there's hope: rumblings of a move to Lower Haight have been reported. An Ike's expansion is also planned for both Santa Rosa and Burlingame. Keep your fingers crossed that we'll all be able to munch on a M.I.L.F. or a Meatless Mike again in the nearest of near futures.

But tonight, vegans, vegetarians, and staunch carnivores can all get in on the action, with some 200 sandwiches to choose from, like the hefty Menage-a-Trois we fell in love with during our Big Eat escapades this year. According to Mission Local, employees have started playing music and aren't going to stop people from eating on the sidewalk--they'll just pick up all the trash when you're done. Sounds like it'll be a party till the very end!

Photo via mntrb on Flickr.com

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