In the Studio with Local Singer-Songwriter Eric McFadden


It’s a rare opportunity to get to witness the actual recording of a song or an album. Fortunately, local singer-songwriter Eric McFadden gave us the opportunity to enter the space he shares with base master James Whiton and music producer-engineer Phil Milner. The cozy studio, located in NOPA, feels more like a hangout than the functioning studio that it is. This being my first time at a session, I had never imagined such beautiful sound could be engineered in such a casual and relaxed environment. But these guys have been doing this for a while; McFadden has worked with some of the finest musicians in the country, like George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic, and has been a member of some outstanding West Coast bands like Liar. Let’s just say that Eric is living any musician’s dream, besides making a living of his art and spending eight months of the year on tour, he keeps his level of creation flowing by playing different genres with different bands. I myself met Eric at the annual guitar festival in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. This video is the recording of the song “Fair Trade,” written by Eric McFadden.



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