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When it comes to creating the stage sets for San Francisco’s legendary productions, Christopher Gaw and his team have a guiding principle: CYFOI. In other words, “can you f@$% on it?” Gaw leads us on a tour of some of Kink’s stage sets to illustrate the artistry behind the erotic.

Gaw, who leads the design department for the Internet pornography company, used to put his fine arts degree to work creating models and sets for movies you could take your Mom to, such as Star Wars and the Matrix. Those sci-fi skills now come in handy when working on the sets for productions (seen above) such as Electra Sluts, a series where erotic encounters take place inside a spaceship.

Gaw, who also created the look and feel of the Armory Club, Kink’s elegant new clothes-on watering hole across the street, says that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to setting the stage for sexual excitement. “We have to bring the directors' concepts to life, while keeping safety, function and hygiene in mind,” he says. “Obviously, we avoid fabrics—but when we do use them, microfibers are best. We prefer to use vinyl, leather or tiled surfaces that can easily be cleaned and disinfected. When we make a table, we make it 29.5 inches high, as it’s the ideal height for lifting someone onto it.” The Interrogation Room set shows how effectively the team can create a mood, as well as a 29.5-inch-high tabletop.

Click here to see more of the porn sets inside!

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