Inspired by The City: 6 San Francisco Art Prints


The dramatic shifts in terrain, intricate architectural details, monumental landmarks, and culture collisions that make up San Francisco provide endless stimulation for the eyes, and endless inspiration for the artist. This Valentine's Day–or any day, really–show your appreciation for the town you love with a print commemorating our City by the Bay.

New to us:

  • Relaxing in San Francisco by Matte Stephens (shown) Remember when you could go outside without gearing up in a full rain suit? When weather is on your side, a day in the park can't be beat. Relive that feeling with this cheerful print. (Although those gray clouds do seem slightly foreboding...)
  • It's an Odd Thing, San Francisco by Katidid Designs Oscar Wilde's famous quote about the black hole-like tendencies of our town gets commemorated in punchy letterpress form.
  • A San Francisco Print by Sion Lee One of the city's more iconic architectural styles gets twisted, twirled, and turned on its head, then reassembled into a semi-abstract, puzzle-like pattern.

A few favorites:

  • San Francisco Print by Ork Posters You've no doubt seen Ork's typographic maps detailing the neighborhoods of cities across the US, but it's hard to grow old of the company's simple yet energetic designs. And with new color combos coming out regularly, there's bound to be something (somewhat) new to you.
  • 49 Mile Drive Linocut by 3 Fish Studios If you prefer an homage of a more subtle nature, these prints might do the trick. Citizens of the city will instantly recognize the iconic sign demarcating the scenic drive around town, but out-of-towners may need a little schooling.
  • San Francisco Print by Lab Partners SF-based design and illustration firm Lab Partners mixes quintessential city imagery with their unique, retro-like charming style. The print is currently sold out at their Etsy shop, but we'd check back just in case.
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