Invasion of the Snuggies


Snuggies are a bit monk/cultish looking, yes, but you've gotta admit, they're kind of the perfect San Francisco attire.  So on March 20, wear it proud in the inaugural Snuggie Pub Crawl down Polk Stret.

In addition to an all-around good time drinking with your Snuggie-clad peers, you can compete for Best Male Snuggie, Best Female Snuggie, Best Couple or Group Snuggie (gross), and the ultimate distinction....The Sluttiest Snuggie. The rules are as follows: An official Snuggie must be used in all costumes; no fleece alternatives allowed. Snuggies may be shortened, cut or altered and in one of the original Snuggie colors: red, blue or sage green. All participants must be at least 21 years of age. Three assigned judges reprising the roles of Idol judges Paula, Randy and Simon will decide the winners. Prizes will be given out at a later date.

As stated on the  Snuggie Pub Crawl's Facebook page: "All snuggies alterations, themes and modifications will be judged for creativity and integration of the Snuggie into the costume or theme. Remember, this is about the Snuggie. Without the large ridiculous sleeves, it might as well be a toga party."

8pm Rouge Lounge
$2 margaritas, martinis, cosmos, beer and more

9pm Shenghi Kellis
$2 PBRs and Obama Koolaid

10pm Vertigo
$3 well drinks and draft beers, $2 PBRs

11pm McTeagues

12am R Bar
$2 Olympia and Michelob
$3 Newcastle on draft
$3 shots of chilled Skyy Grape vodka

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