Is Bigger Really Better?


Unlike the rest of the free emailing world, I actually save my spam. At least, until I can read through it to decipher what’s really spam sex vs. Sex with Emily sex.

I get a ton of emails from people asking me questions about topics that happen to comprise the stuff of popular spams these days (things like Viagra, penis size, sex-related surgery, enhancement drugs, etc.).

But in the last seven days, I also got emails with the following subject lines:

1. No medicine can satisfy your penis needs as ours can.
2. Change your life! Increase your phallus!
3. Ashamed of your size? Manster will help!
4. We are here for you and your penis!
5. Don't be an average man!
6. No more lonely nights! The new era of big penis begins!

And my favorite:
7. Have you ever seen this one: No way! Your penis is so small!

Penis pump Jes-Extender
Babeland penis pump; Jes-Extender penis enlarger

Luckily, I didn’t miss the email that came in from Nicholas, who started Inches for Charity, a documentary (starting with a “c” ) about why men are so obsessed with their penis size. The film will follow a few men as they attempt to pull, stretch and expand their members, trying out all the new pills, contraptions and lotions hitting the market these days.

The best part is that it’s all for a good cause. The male participants will be sponsored and for every inch (or fraction) they grow, they’ll raise money that will be donated to a South African charity.

I interviewed Nicholas on my show. Of course, we talked about orgasms and all that good stuff before we got to Nicholas, but that’s on topic, too, right? Don’t worry, we spend a good chunk of time discussing why guys are convinced that size matters—and whether the pills, pumps and creams really work. Enjoy.


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