It Bands: The 2 Bandits for Boots


Among the fashion-related privileges of life in the Bay Area: 1) the ability to don such style combos as pea coats and open-toed sandals 2) that hazy, atmospheric glare that accompanies fog and, in so doing, renders sunglasses acceptable in situations that would otherwise only be okay for people with raging hangovers and 3) the opportunity to wear boots 365 days a year.

Here to make that last perk even, well, perkier? Fabric boot accessories from The 2 Bandits, which recently relocated to Berkeley when boot-savvy creators Erica Chan and Tamar Wider headed out this way after several years working in the jewelry industry in New York (score one for the West Coast). Designed to slip around the top of tall boots, each pair ($48-$78) features a silicone backing to keep the adjustable bands in place – even if you’re dancing, say, outdoors at certain late-summer festival in the desert. The bands come in a variety of colors and vintage-inspired patterns. The most dramatic stand out with brass charms, studs and hanging tassels.

Other than the where-did-you-get-those allure of these eye-catching little adornments, they’ve got a practical twist, too.

“I think people hope to invest in boots that will last more than one season, so it’s a perfect solution for adding impact. It’s a small price to pay for a big look,” says Chan, who counts upwards of 13 pairs of boots in her own closet.

Through Feb. 13, select bands are 30 percent off. Styles on sale include Terrapin Station, Gretel and solid bands.

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