It began in a local artisanal cake shop.

That's where Eel & Ermine founders Evelyne Aikman and Elinor JD Diamond discovered that their sweet tooth extended past buttercream frosting and into the world of handmade fashion.

Bothered by how difficult it was to find a uniquely perfect dress for an occasion without forgoing rent, they decided to take a stand and do something about it. This is where the story gets good.

The lovely ladies decided to create a line of timeless, affordable designs using vintage prints and airy cottons, often resulting in a fabulous modern Betty-Draper-on-holiday feel, from the full skirts (Von Trapp) and dramatic angled bustiers (Scarlett O' Hara) down to the high-waist Resort Short and AntiTrack Suit.

To ensure everything fits like a glove, they partially assemble the pieces in advance then finish them after a fitting to suit your proportions while you enjoy hot tea and freshly baked treats at their brand-new shop in Presidio Heights.

And with dresses starting at $100, they're dying to carry you through vacation or to a summer wedding with no risk of seeing your doppleganger.

Eel & Ermine, 514 Presidio Ave., at California St.