Jam Tarts and Sticky Buns? Not Here

photography by rickycphotography.com

Greetings and welcome to another pants-down, brand-spanking new blog posting.

Tea, jam tarts and sticky buns? Not at this street fair.

No little old ladies, no crafts or bric-a-brac for sale. However, at Dore Alley, there were hot dogs and burgers on offer along with beer, cocktails and more. There was also a spanking booth, a dildo store and dance floor, all within walking distance of each other. I did try out the dance floor.

Where I grew up in the old country, a street fair meant little old ladies with offerings of tea and home-made jam tarts and cakes, a big sticky bun or two if you will with some icing and a cherry on top. The street fair I experienced on Sunday, the Dore Alley Street Fair, was nothing of the sort! Oh lord, NO!

This street fair is Folsom Street Fair's nasty little brother. I saw a little too much of everything: too many bare bums, too many nipple piercings, too many messy scenes that mother would not be proud of. There were Daddys, bears, cubs and cuties—not an old lady in sight.

Having said that, it was a glorious day in the sun, a day to catch up with old friends and celebrate life in our mad, fab city. Where else can you enjoy a street fair like this?

This street fair made Folsom look tame.
See you there in September.

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