Oh, the interwebs. What will they turn up next? Today’s discovery is the inimitable Jamie Lauren, executive chef at Absinthe, shilling for Pam®cooking spray in a series of web cooking videos. And the recipes…we might’ve expected seared scallops, but blackened salmon with tropical fruit salsa? Ginger stir fry? Not likely to debut on the Absinthe menu anytime soon, I don't think.

There's the Lauren we all know and love.
Photo by Stefanie Michejda

We’ve always thought of the cooking spray (from ConAgra, the folks that brought us Parkay and Chef Boyardee) as a fairly mainstream product, but wait…are those Lauren’s tattoos (of which she has quite a few) peeking out from below the edge of her chef’s coat? Pam, Jamie… perhaps we underestimated you both.  And quelle coincidence—we featured the chef (who first received acclaim when she was at Levende Lounge) in our March issue, which will be on newsstands soon.