Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist


For our new column "Jams We Love," we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. We'll showcase a new playlist every Monday so you can start the week off right. This week's playlist features an all-Bay Area roster of musicians.

Jams We Love #1 by 7x7SF

1. Hunx & His Punx, "Bad Boy"

This band, along with Oakland's Shannon & the Clams, are pioneering their own genre of "young oldies," turning traditional pop on its head with in-your-face punk scuzz and garage rock swing.

2. Acid King, "Electric Machine"

The Bay Area has long been a breeding ground for cutting-edge metal. Borrowing from the doom and gloom of Black Sabbath and cranking up their amp stacks louder than the Prince of Darkness and company ever did, this San Francisco band turned out this gut-churning riff, paired with singer-guitarist Lori S.'s banshee croons, in 1999.

3. Wooden Shjips, "Black Smoke Rise"

San Francisco psych rock elders are back with another face-melting album, West (Thrill Jockey), which comes out on September 13. "Black Smoke Rise" showcases the sultry grooves they've perfected over the years.

4. Girls, "Vomit"

From their forth-coming third album called Father, Son, Holy Ghost (True Panther Sounds, out September 13), the band slips even further into their dream-grunge world, lacing their crunchy guitars with soaring organs and a gospel choir. It's all very "Brain Damage" by Pink Floyd.

5. Barn Owl, "Void & Devotion"

Their sparse, minimalist rock album Shadowland (Thrill Jockey) was just released in June. This song conjures a murky, moody soundscape that massages your brain with its phantom fingertips.

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