Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist


For this week's Jams We Love, we pick just five songs from the slew of amazing artists blowing up Treasure Island this weekend for the two-day Treasure Island Music Festival. 

1. Explosions In The Sky, "First Breath After Coma"

This Texan post-rock band is hailed for its intensely emotional live shows in which the whole band throws everything they've got into playing their ecstatic, atmospheric "mini-symphonies" (made even trippier with their killer light shows). This song sounds like exactly what its title evokes.

Walk In The Park-beach house by iraklis

2. Beach House, "Walk In The Park"

It's difficult to pick a favorite song from 2010's unanimously-adored album Teen Dream, but this track is the one that takes me far, far away from whatever I'm doing at the time while listening to it. Its slow, meditative beat, charmingly clumsy drum machines, and Victoria LaGrand's cinematic voice are hard to beat.

Weekend - End Times by Slumberland Records

3. Weekend, "End Times"

The best song off their debut Sports, these Bay Area boys play loud, fast moody shoegaze punk that sounds amazing when you're surrounded by four walls–I'm curious to see how the trio attacks their open-air surroundings this this time around. Keep an ear out for new goodies from their just-released EP Red.

Cut Copy - Alisa by modularpeople

4. Cut Copy, “Alisa”

The addictive synth pop sound of this modern disco tune from Australian indie electronic group Cut Copy’s latest album Zonoscope gives you a clue to how much rocking and bopping will be going on in the crowd come Saturday.

Standing On The Shore by WalkingOnADream

5. Empire of the Sun, “Standing on the Shore”

It may sound like a flashback to the 80’s, but believe it or not, this tune comes off of their recent debut album. Often compared to MGMT, be prepared for a glam show of dance-rock, synth, and whimsical electro-pop. This track hints at the futuristic fantasy rock we can expect.
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