Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist


For our column "Jams We Love," we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. We'll showcase a new playlist every week so you can start things off right.

1. Zola Jesus, "In Your Nature"

Zola's newest album Conatus has been on permanent blast on our headphones these past few weeks. If you've ever seen her live, you know how confounding a stage presence she is: her voice is thunderously operatic, yet she's somehow the tiniest, most delicate person ever. Luckily she's dropping by the Independent on November 1st–the perfect time to see our favorite track from the album performed in the flesh.

Future Islands - Balance by rocksteddie

2. Future Islands, "Balance"

We're a little late jumping on the Future Islands bandwagon, but we're on it now–big time–thanks to their new album On The Water. In this song, singer (boy, does he have a unique set of pipes) Samuel T. Herring channels Rod Stewart in all his 80s glory amidst a cascade of synths and hopeful lyrics about the ability to change your life–"it just takes time." Don't be surprised if you start dancing in your office chair...

Youth Lagoon - Cannons by abrecaminos

3. Youth Lagoon, "Cannon"

Another album we can't stop listening to: Youth Lagoon's breakout album The Year Of Hibernation. As bedroom music mastermind Trevor Powers spins his tales of isolation and anxiety and buries them in gorgeously plaintive synth jams that seem to be reaching out to anyone who's been the to same dark places he has. He plays Bottom of the Hill on his first tour ever–the same night Zola Jesus performs. Decisions, decisions!

The War On Drugs - Come To The City by Emo's Austin

4. War On Drugs, "Come To The City"

Borrowing from U2's knack for rock 'n' roll that's climactic and ecstatic as well as Tom Petty's freewheeling, highway-ready Americana, Philly's War On Drugs' driving 2011 album Slave Ambient already stands as a collection of songs you'll be playing on road trips until the end of days. They play the Independent this Sunday with one of my personal favorite bands Purling Hiss.

5. Anthrax, "Antisocial"

Member of the "Big Four" club Anthrax will take over The Warfield this Sunday with Bay Area legends Testament in support of their new album Worship Music. Get ready for the pit with this stone-cold classic.

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