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For our column Jams We Love, we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. Today, we give you our last batch of Christmas songs before the big day.

1. Wham!, "Last Christmas"

One of the great lonely Christmas ballads. I'm pretty unclear as to what bandmate Andrew Ridgeley exactly did in the band, because George Michael was killing it right and left. His smooth-as-silk voice personifies the broken-hearted, isolated feeling you get when you have to spend the holidays apart from the person you love (no matter whether you should love them or not).

2. Beach Boys, "The Man With All the Toys"

Even though I love pretty much everything the Beach Boys have done, this attempt at a Christmas song sounds like its describing more of the discovery of a super creepy child predator in the woods rather than Santa Claus.

3. David Bowie & Bing Crosby, "Little Drummer/Peace On Earth"

In the 70s, Bowie was a music industry weirdo who straddled the fringes and the mainstream like a total pro. Although this video's kitsch factor cannot be denied, it's also a rare chance to see Bowie's excellent ability to croon, even alongside the master of all crooners, Bing Crosby.

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4. Dean Martin & Frank Sinatra, "Marshmallow World"

In contrast to the buttoned-up seriousness of Bowie & Bing singing together in the video above, sometimes it's just awesome to see two grown showbiz legends acting like total goofballs and making fun of each other on national television.

5. Salem, "King Night"

This witch house track from Michigan band Salem probably isn't poised to become a Christmas classic, listened to by happy families gathered around the fireplace with cups of hot chocolate in hand. But if you listen closely, beyond the booming bass and goth synths is an ethereal coir singing "Silent Night."


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