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For our column Jams We Love, we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. This time around, we thought it'd be fun to look back at the Noise Pop archives and fantasize about the amazing artists they've had over the years come back and play for the fest's 20th birthday.

1. The F***ing Champs, "What's A Little Reign?"...played Noise Pop in 2005

This cultish San Francisco prog metal band always sounds one step away from totally bursting at the seams, which means total chaos live...if they still existed. These days, it seems crazy that such a heavy band graced Noise Pop's stages. Hell, even Kylesa played one year. Maybe it's time to get the needles back into the red and resurrect The F***ing Champs. One day, pretty please? Then again, people would go so crazy, they'd probably set fire (accidentally, of course) to whatever venue they played.

2. Dead Moon, "Dead Moon Night"...played Noise Pop in 2003

This band's long gone, even though traces of it still exist in Fred & Toody Cole's current excellent outfit Pierced Arrows. All the same, Dead Moon remains one of the most hallowed underground bands of the past few decades, and hordes of people (us included) would foam at the mouth at the prospect of seeing the trio restored to its original, unpolished, gimmick-free glory.

3. Jawbreaker, "Wound"...played Noise Pop in 1995

The Jawbreaker reunion rumor mill was at full force this morning on Mission Mission, but alas, it all remains just out of the bands' superfans' desperate grasp. Singer Blake Schwarzenbach has insisted more than a thousand times that it can't and won't happen, so for now, we'll just dream about how fun it would be to see them perform their debut Unfun in its entirety.

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4. Henry's Dress, "All This Time For Nothing"...played Noise Pop in 1997

This New Mexican-cum-San Franciscan band embodies the concept of "noise pop" at its finest. You can barely hear any of the sincerely crooned lyrics underneath the squalls of white noise and reverb. They sound like they haven't practiced in weeks, and bought their equipment at the dingiest thrift store on the wrong side of town. We wish we could catch them live again, and then pound beers with them after the show.

5. Big Star, "In the Street"...played Noise Pop in 2002

Alex Chilton, the heart and soul of this band, has gone far away forever, so this will never come true. But oh, to hear them on stage one last time!

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