Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist


For our column Jams We Love, we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. Today, a playlist featuring non-Noise Pop shows on our radar this week!

1. Motorhead, "Overkill"

If you've never been blessed with the opportunity to see Motorhead live, your time has come. Don't be fooled by how "old" they look and remember that age ain't nothing but a number; Lemmy's still as ferocious as ever. They're paired with Megadeth this Thursday in San Jose for a balls-out night of classic metal. The crowned jewel of every performance they ever unleash is a closer of more epic proportions Brian Wilson could ever achieve: "Overkill."

2. Kids On A Crime Spree, "It's In My Blood"

Contrary to what their mischievious moniker suggests, this local band deals in simple Spector-esque power pop, hand claps and superbly lackadaisical harmonies that sparkle on its debut We Love You So Bad (Slumberland). Catch them for free at Uptown Oakland on Wednesday, February 22nd.

3. Sic Alps, "Message From the Law"

We're surprised these noisemakers aren't playing on the Noise Pop circuit this week. Then again, they're not the type to do anything that resembles what other local bands clamor for. Check them out at Brick & Mortar on Saturday, February 25th.

4. Body Swap, "Versimillitude of Psychotropic Order"

It's hard to find a ton of info on this band (thanks a lot, Google), but what we do know is that it contains a couple former members of Mi Ami, which bodes well. Even more promising? It's blazing its own heavily lysergic trail in the vein of Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound and other SF-based psych legends. Dive in head first with this 20-minute track before their show at Hemlock this Wednesday, February 22nd.

5. High On Fire, "10,000 Years"

Risen from the ashes of seminal stoner metal band Sleep, the Bay Area's High On Fire is a brutal, uncompromising power trio that doles out darkly psychedelic metal that's so heavy you can't get under it. Watch them make the walls of the Uptown Oakland shake this Saturday, February 25th.


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