Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist


For our column Jams We Love, we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. Here, a playlist of some of the best Bay Area bands headed to SXSW.

1. Carletta Sue Kay, "Pas Le Meme"

At first, this musical project might look like a joke, but once veteran performer Carletta Sue Kay (aka Randy Walker) begins to sing, you'll shut up and listen. And, based on how drunk you, let your freak flag fly. Sometimes, this kind of spare, gimmick-free music–gorgeously showcasing Randy's delicate, colorful voice and wit–are just what the doctor ordered. Catch Carletta Sue Kay on March 14 at Beauty Bar.

2. Blackbird Blackbird, "Float On"

We like this ethereal, synth-infused cover of Modest Mouse's mainstream hit better than the original. Sorry, Isaac Brock. But seriously, catch this SF band at SXSW, whose hazy, dreamlike music will be a perfect match for warm air. They'll play March 17th at Malverde.

3. Lumerians, "Burning Mirrors"

If you're burning the candle at both ends at SXSW–which, let's face it, is pretty much mandatory–the Lumerians will satisfy your fried brain with their eerie, kraut-rocking, purple-hued psychedelia. Oh, and their insanely trippy projections and lights definitely help with whatever mind journeys you might be taking. Lumerians play March 17 at the Iron Bear.

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4. Ganglians, "Never Mind"

We had to dig up this oldie but goodie. Catch this Sacramento group work their indie cred on all the fanboys and girls swaying in the Austin heat on March 17 at Frank.

5. Andre Nickatina, "Smoke Dope and Rap"

For a dose of local rap, get in line to see Nickatina, who's never afraid to spit major heat and rep for the Bay. He's got a new mixtape dropping March 11, so you'll definitely be rewarded with some super fresh material when he performs on March 14 at Treasure Island.

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