Jams We Love: 7x7's Weekly Playlist


For our column Jams We Love, we're turning you onto the songs that keep us going every day. Here's an insider look at Aussie bands put together by our amazing Aussie intern, Cambell Klose.

1. The Middle East, 'Blood'

The Middle East were a music collective, and quite possibl the only good thing to come from Townsville, a small town in rural Queensland, Australia.  Blood was the second single off their first EP, 'The Recordings of the Middle East'. The film clip is awesome.

2. Chet Faker, 'Terms and Conditions'

Chet Faker is from Melbourne, Australia. After playing only five live shows back home he was picked to play at SxSW in Austin on the back of his first single, "Terms and Conditions." It is delightfully minimalistic, with only a smattering of live keys over wobbly synths and the occasional handclap.

3. The Priory Dolls, 'Me and My Accelerated Friends'

The Priory Dolls epitomise everything that is good about the Melbourne music scene. Their shows are always a sweaty affair of cigarette smoke and ear-splitting feedback. They have just just released their debut album and are touring Germany at the moment.

4. Gotye, 'Heart's a Mess'

Gotye is known almost exclusively for his song, 'Somebody I Used to Know'. But his earlier album, 'Like Drawing Blood' is incredibly diverse and accomplished. 'Heart's a Mess' is the second single off the album and made it to number 8 in the Australia-wide alternative music competition, The Hottest 100 in 2006.

5. Francolin, 'Suddenly Painlessly'

Francolin are another band from Melbourne (where all the best live music comes from). This is the first single off their upcoming debut album. They play unashamedly happy pop music that can't help but make you smile. 

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