photography by Heather Wiley for Drew Altizer

In celebration of Jazz Appreciation Month, the W Hotel and Jazz Diet Pepsi hosted "The Lovely Ladies of Jazz" photo exhibit and live performance on Wednesday night. SF's own jazz diva Lavay Smith belted out some soul-satisfying tunes as folks perused Kareem Black's photographs featuring top female jazz performers amd benefiting the Jazz Foundation of America.

                                                                                        Lavay Smith

Nicki Naumshik, Esther Lee      Heidi Olsen, Eliott Simon Temple        Christina and Carlina Harris

Jateen and Michelle Perkh          Ryan Dorsey, Lucia Weeks         Tiffany Fordyce, Sean Westbrook

Amy McDaniels, George Lewis                                           Catherine Paxton, Megan Lauwerse

Tizzy Cornish, Michelle Kolowski                                                      Christie Applebee, Bahar Abdollahi

Mark Carvalho, Joel Goodrich, Beverly Trazlos

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