Jeff Hollinger Is Obsessed With Tacos


“I lived in the Mission for 9 years, right around the corner from El Tonayense taco truck parked on 22nd and Harrison. I’d go twice a week for the cabeza [head] and carne asado tacos, because they are cheap and the ingredients are in perfect proportions. Cancun is another favorite—I always overdue it, ordering enough for 3 people even if I’m alone. I usually get a few carnitas and carne asado tacos, a side of grilled onions and a quesadilla or two. I eat half and then take the other half for later—I have to stock up now that I no longer live in the Mission. Now I live in the Sunset, and Tommy’s has become my new local Mexican joint as a result of the Mission withdrawal. At Tommy’s my favorite is the panucho, which is offered only as a special. It’s the Yucatecan take on the taco—a lightly fried tortilla, chicken with a bit of achiote paste, pickled onions and jalapeños. I drink a margarita made with the well tequila—on the rocks, no salt. If Julio is there, I take his tequila recommendations, but it always means trouble.”

El Tonayense Taco Truck
22nd and Harrison Sts.

Taqueria Cancun
2288 Mission St., 415-252-9560

Tommy’s Mexican Restaurant
5929 Geary Blvd., 415-387-4747

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