The 2007 Designer Wreath Auction brought whimsy and holiday cheer to the Golden Gate Club in SF. All proceeds from this event went to Children of Shelters, which provides educational and cultural experiences to homeless children.

Christina Dunning_Lana Adair Wreath by Hedge Leith Brooke_Brian Wilsey
Christina Dunning, Lana Adair                       by Hedge                    Leith Brooke, Brian Wilsey

Kate Harbin_Kathryn Bettis Wreath by Navarra Design Todd Ruggiero_Natasha Sarkisian
Kate Harbin, Kathryn Bettis               by Navarra Designs          Todd Ruggiero, Natasha Sarkisian

Alyssa Warnock_Mickey Bruce Wreath by Swallow Tail Interiors Kathryn Freeman_Heidi Castelein
Alyssa Warnock, Mickey Bruce       by SwallowTail Interiors     Kathryn Freeman, Heidi Castelein

Denise Cain_Doug Cain Wreath by Applegate Tran Interiors Jeff Holt_Kathleen Navarra
Denise & Doug Cain                        by Applegate Tran Interiors       Jeff Holt, Kathleen Navarra

Sarah Griffin_Glen Griffin_Sylvia Edwards Alexandra Tyndall_Heidi Castelein
Sarah & Glen Griffin, Sylvia Edwards                                                 Alexandra Tyndall, Heidi C.

Lyle_Gibbs_Rogowski Anne Freeman_Shannon Bavaro
Christina Lyle, Tabatha Gibbs, McKenzie Rogowski                   Anne Freeman, Shannon Bavaro

Jenny Fan_Tracy Rock_Katie Dooling Kimberly Bakker_Summer Tompkins Walker
Jenny Fan, Tracy Rock, Katie Dooling                        Kimberly Bakker, Summer Tompkins Walker

Alice Cahan_Meredith Levy_Paula Fontenot Alexandra Tyndall_Jenny Kempenich
Alice Cahan, Meredith Levy, Paula Fontenot                                  Alexandra T., Jenny Kempenich

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