Magic Theatre hosted a party for Joan Rivers, who is currently starring in a new play running through Sept. 2 called The Joan Rivers Theatre Project along with local actors Carrie Paff, Susannah Livingston and Lucas Rocco Alifano.

Teresa Baum_Laura Edwards Rick Reiss_Yvette Beebe Lucas Alifano_Carrie Paff
Teresa Baum, Laura Edwards   Rick Reiss, Yvette Beebe       Lucas Alifano, Carrie Paff

Joan Rivers_Gavin Newsom Ken Winans_Debbie Wreyford 
Joan Rivers, Gavin Newsom   Ken Winans, Debbie Wreyford   David Jobin, Missy Kirchner

Nigro_Rivers_Nigro Edmond Landgraf_Carrie Handsberger
Janet Nigro, Joan Rivers, Ghana Nigro                         Edmond Landgraf, Carrie Handsberger

Beebe_Stern_Newsom Eugenio Jardim_Jan Wahl
Yvette Beebe, Lori Puccinelli Stern, Hillary Callan Newsom   Eugenio Jardim, Jan Wahl

Carrie Paff_Terry Brejla Nigro_Nigro_Feldman
Carrie Paff, Terry Brejla                                                   Janet & Ghana Nigro, Candace Feldman

Dan Phillips, Elizabeth Shea, Ann Rhoney, Eugenio Jardim

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