Kiehl's threw a rock 'n roll party, attended by singers Joss Stone and Nya Jade, to celebrate its grand opening in the Westfield Centre and to announce its partnership with VH1 Save the Music Foundation—for one year, one percent of the Market Street store's proceeds will go towards the creation of a complete music program at a Bay Area elementary school.

John Constantine_Kelsey Atkinson Joss Stone Hillary Newsom Callan_Geoff Callan
John Constantine, Kelsey Atkinson        Joss Stone                Hillary Newsom Callan, Geoff Callan
Jennifer Franks_Roberta Economidis Nya Jade Allison Wachtel_D'Anthony Jackson
Jennifer Franks, Roberta Economidis        Nya Jade                Allison Wachtel, D'Anthony Jackson
Jessica Hsieh_Cindy Qiu Norbu and Iwona Tenzing Kelly Gillooley_Susie Dempsey
Jessica Hsieh, Cindy Qiu            Norbu & Iwona Tenzing           Kelly Gillooley, Susie Dempsey

Jackson_Stone_Jade Amy Tirion_Trisha Higgins
D'Anthony Jackson, Joss Stone, Nya Jade                  Amy Tirion, Trisha Higgins

Laura Franklin_Jared Zaugg_Brooke Roner Natasha Sarkisian_Celine Matthews
Laura Franklin, Jared Zaugg, Brooke Roner         Natasha Sarkisian, Celine Matthews

Redleaf_Gillooley_Gangi Joss Stone_Laura Franklin
Darrell Redleaf, Kelly Gillooley, Craig Gangi            Joss Stone, Laura Franklin

Naomi Raddon, Ryan "Cascade" Raddon, Jared Zaugg, Brooke Roner

Sara Denny Roth, Tina Elmo, Tamsin Smith, Laura Franklin

Kiehl's Staff
Kiehl's staff & guests

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