photography by Drew Altizer

On Thursday, February 21 at the Zephyr Ventilation Showroom the Junior League of San Francisco celebrated the launch of their 82nd annual fashion show, "American Beauty" to take place on Saturday, April 5 at the Fairmont Hotel. Highlights included a silent auction, music by DJ Hooman, and fabulous cocktails and food.

Derrick Ye, Emily Ming                     Kelly McRory, Jamie Vogel, Alex Skillman

Tamra Bidegary, Emily Hall, Sarah Vallette                
Shadi Morello, Jeff Blomstrand, Jennifer Hagemann 

Jennifer Keever, Lia Fischer, Eric Freidman;Valeria Kholosten
ko, Jeff Smith; Brigid Brady, Carye Campbell

Jacqueline Teichert, Maya Gervis    Hooman Khalili, Karen Mauney-Brodek, Karen Loane, Tom Rikert      

Farideh Hosseini, Amy Lund, Amy Milbrandt, Shadi Morello                      David Diaz, Kimberly Hooker

Kelly Grimes, Jaime Jensen, Maggie Stack, Nicole Aflague