It would not be an exaggeration to say that there was not a soul standing stationary on Treasure Island during the Justice performance.  From behind their signature glowing cross, the headlining French electronic duo gave the crowd just what they crossed the bridge for - an all-out dance party that for some, seemed to border on a religious experience.   If you weren't D.A.N.C.E-ing, it was forced upon you by your jumping/girating  neighbors - listening to their swelling, layered beats was like taking the coolest spaceship ever.  Over and over again.  "We Are Your Friends," got the crowd into a chanting frenzy, which was halted abruptly when Xavier De Rosnay walked in front of the set and robotically flicked his cigarette across the stage.  He stood frozen and silent for a good minute with his arms in the Justice cross (a bit cultish, but that's what these guys are about).   When "We Are Your Friends" started up again the crowd went rave-stomping wild (in fact, there were glow sticks).  One thing's for sure, those in sandals were hurting in the line for the bus off the island.   

Justice from 7x7 Magazine on Vimeo.
video by Jason Jurgens