It may come as a surprise, but Kamei Restaurant Supply in the Inner Richmond is our go-to spot for cute accessories for around the home. Sure, they're best known for carrying all manner of cooking devices, from rooster-shaped cookie cutters to giant rice dispensers, but plenty of Kamei's inventory works for areas outside of the kitchen too. We picked up this curvy little vessel to hold our keys and other detritus that accumulates in our front entrance. The shape is reminiscent of Eva Ziesel designs, but at under $4 was a much more affordable find. We've seen carafes similar to this one selling for $20 or more at home decor boutiques. Ours was purchased for around five bucks and will be perfect for holding some flowers or a summer drink. Kamei also has aisles of ceramics in decorative designs, paper lanterns in many styles, orchids, and a collection of plastic food that we wish we had an excuse to buy. Kamei is located on Clement in between 6th and 7th Avenue. For more information, including hours, click here.