Katrina Szish's Advice on Shoulder Pads: Just Say No


Fresh off the Oscars' red carpet, fashion expert, TV correspondent and InStyle magazine’s Style Spy blogger, Katrina Szish breezed through San Francisco for a recent society soiree at the downtown Martin + Osa store. We caught up with the bicoastal style maven over lunch and lattés to chat about her top trend picks for spring, the return of the shoulder pad, and advice on staying fashionably afloat in a tough economy.

What are your favorite Spring 09 trends?

There are so many fun ones out there! What I love about them is that they’re wearable and they’re trends that allow you to use what you already have. I’m loving the bright color trends: bright yellows, bright purples, bright pinks. Also, the “urban safari” trend; I love the look of that because you can wear a great military jacket or use a neutral palette and dress it up with jewelry so you’re still comfortable, but you have a very cool, edgy, hip look.

Speaking of trends, what’s a spring runway trend that you could live without?

Something we’ve been seeing recently is really big structured shoulders. I definitely think that going towards the structured, more tailored shoulder is a great idea because it really plays up a woman’s figure, but the extreme oversize is something to stay away from. While it’s something that looks good on the runway or a celebrity on the red carpet, it doesn’t transfer from runway to real-way effectively!

Who’s a new design talent that you’re keeping your eye on?

Michelle Obama at the inauguration and during the campaign really gave lots of press to some of those young designer names. I think Jason Wu, who designed her inauguration ball gown, is probably one of the biggest buzz names that we’re going to hear.

Tips for updating your wardrobe on a budget?

With the economy in its current state people are trying to figure out how to update their wardrobes and that’s a very easy thing to do with accessories. Adding a great metallic bag, or a great pair of metallic sandals, even some metallic necklaces that you can layer that can take you from day to night and can work with anything from a black chic edgy outfit to something a little more bohemian.

How have you managed to cut back this year while still looking effortless?

I’m a big shopper, so first and foremost—I’ve shopped less. Also, I’ve been really trying to focus on how to use what I have in my closet and update it. Adding a great new pair of platform pumps, a new bag or a great belt, things that make me feel like I’m fresh and new but still incorporating what I already have.

What are some staples that you think should be a part of every girl’s wardrobe, especially for spring?

Every girl should have her favorite pair of jeans and white denim is key as it’s the automatic spring go-to. Also it really comes down to basics: a simple metallic clutch and a perfect pair of peep-toe metallic pumps that you can wear whether you’re wearing jeans or a little black dress to an event. Basics that are special, that don’t look like what everybody else has that you can translate day to night, weekday to weekend, from work to going out at night. Basics… with flare.

What is your style motto?

Be yourself but just a little more. Be yourself—but be glamorous!


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