(Courtesy of Kikodo Tea)

5 CBD Products to Help De-Stress and Relax This Holiday Season


Get that much needed down time.

Most people are familiar with the classic effects of cannabis when it comes to consuming THC—happy, hungry and sleepy—but are a little foggy when it comes to cannabidiol better known as CBD. It's a highly-therapeutic, non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in cannabis that can reduce stress, anxiety, depression, body pain, inflammation, nausea and even help treat epilepsy.

As we're in full swing of the holidays, finding a way to cut down on stress and relax without getting slowed down can be even more of a feat than usual; try some of these products to help you keep your cool.

Kikoko Sympa-tea

(Courtesy of Kikoko)

This woman-owned, East Bay company knows that drinking tea can be a soothing activity on its own, but with 20mg of CBD per tea bag, they're upping the ante on relaxation. Their organic, caffeine-free tea is good for stress and anxiety as well as pain relief, and their High CBD ginger orange flavor also includes cinnamon, licorice root, star anise, turmeric, black pepper and orange peel, offering a taste as invigorating as the effects. // kikoko.com

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