SF's comedy troupe Killing My Lobster, which The Bold Italic aptly compared to SNL breeding grounds Upright Citizens' Brigade and the Groundlings, never fails to right even our most maddening days with their hilarious brand of sketch comedy.

They've recently scewered SF coffee culture, Berkeley's hippie-dippiness and foodies, and now they're turning their comedic lens on the Bay Area tech scene. "Killing My Lobster Reboots," which runs from April 7 to 24 at the Jewish Theatre, will poke fun at Facebook over-posters, our collective "smart phone" obsession and also give a musical tribute to beloved technologies of a bygone era (an Ode to the floppy disc?). SF tech-heads are certainly ripe for the teasing, so this is one not to miss. 

And if you want to try your hand at skewering society, you can learn from the KML pros at one of their acting and writing classes. It will at least get you away from your smart phone for a while.