Kitchenette: A Monday Through Friday Lunch-Only Grab-and-Go


Pretty soon, we suspect, news of KitchenetteSF will be appearing on every blog in town. After all, is there anything this town loves more than ad hoc pop-up restaurants with a DIY edge? Judging by the lines outside of Mission Street Food last Thursday night, we think not. KitchenetteSF is a Monday through Friday lunch-only grab-and-go operation that by the Living Room Events chefs, run out of the LRE's Dogpatch loading dock. They're making one or two options a day which are, mais oui, sustainable, seasonal and local.

When I stopped by on Friday afternoon, menu options included a slow-roasted berkshire pork sandwich with cabbage slaw and jalapeño, served on a warm Acme roll ($8), and a big spring salad chock-a-block full of roasted asparagus spears, yukon gold potatoes, scallions and hard-cooked eggs ($8). I tried both, along with a big glass of citrus-ade and a peanut butter, oatmeal and butterscotch cookie (which, I am happy to report, are now selling for .50 cents, down from an early high of $2 apiece which was, quite frankly, a total rip-off).

You can go to their website to find out what the daily lunch option will be or, since all the kids are doing it, you can follow their updates on Twitter: kitchenettesf

UPDATE, 2:45 p.m.: According to their Twitter feed, a menu typo was responsible for Friday's high-priced cookies. To remedy, they're offering free! cookies! to the first 100 people who stop by for lunch tomorrow.

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