San Francisco has no shortage of reliable record shops. In fact, this city is so inundated with dusty vinyl gems, it's nurtured some of the biggest music snobs on the planet. So when they feel like unloading their precious vinyl collections upon the rest of us, you'd best be there to scoop up the good stuff.

This Sunday, November 14th, record dealers come out of the woodwork for KUSF Radio's Rock N' Swap, an emporium of rare and awesome vintage vinyl to spend an afternoon digging through. Every genre and subgenre imaginable can be found, from 60s Tropicalia to Mexican punk to psychedelic space rock to the origins and margins of hip hop and far, far beyond. Also grab books, posters, movies, CDs and tapes...anything and everything music related!

For the curious collector, the swap costs $3 and starts at 10am, going until 3 pm. If you're a complete music maniac, you can pay $20 for coffee, bagels and Early Bird Admission (so you can get your paws on the good stuff before anyone else does), which goes from 6-10 am. Your dough helps support the awesome KUSF 90.3 FM radio station!