Complimentary false lash applications at Shu Uemura SF

Like most women, I’ve come to think of false lashes as a special occasion beauty indulgence. I’ll squeeze in an application at a cosmetic counter a few times a year for, say, the ballet opening or the opera gala to achieve that camera-ready, extra diva-ish look. But after noticing how truly fabulous a girlfriend of mine always appears ever since she got semi-permanent lash extensions—whether she’s dressed in sweats or a cocktail dress—I just knew I had to change my inconsistent lash lengthening ways.

       Shu Uemura's 25th Boutique Birthday Limited Edition Fleur de Terre palette.
       Courtesy of Shu Uemura.

Since I’m considering, but not completely sold on the full commitment of extensions (they require diligent care, but can last up to three months), the false lash appplication blowout at Shu Uemura through the month of July seems like the perfect trial. (Unlike extensions, false lashes last only between 24 hours to a week.) To fete the 25th anniversary of Shu’s Tokyo boutique, the San Francisco outpost is unveiling the brand’s limited edition Hana-Bi color and fragrance collection, and offering complimentary lashes and lash applications (one set per customer) from Thursday, June 19, through July 31, between 5 to 7 p.m. You’ll know where to find me on Thursday nights! Shu Uemura Boutique, 1971 Fillmore St. Call 415-395-0953 to book appointments.

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