Last Days of Summer


Greetings chums,

So much fog, so many chilly days, but right now the payoff: sunshine—our little gift from the gods for our suffering. The fog has its charm of course but right now is my favorite time of year here in our sun-kissed 7x7 miles of heaven.

And as we continue to enjoy a sensational end to our Indian summer, here are a few of my fave things to do when the sun shines. I ask of you just one thing, do not eat lunch at your desk; instead, venture outside, go to a restaurant with a patio or get something to go and sit in the park.

Summer is almost over, but while it still lingers get out there and enjoy!

1. Walk or bike to work instead of driving your car. If the hike is too much, split the difference with a ride on MUNI. It’s too nice to be stuck in a car on days like these.

2. Get a bag lunch to go at Myth Cafe. Chef Ryan Scott serves up a little brown bag full of culinary treats: a delicious wrap, a sexy salad and a naughty cookie can often be found inside. It’s a lovely lunch for a lovely price—$6.95, you got to love that.

3. Read in the park, on the lawn or somewhere outside during your lunch hour. And if you must read one book, make sure it’s Armistead Maupin's Michael Toliver Lives, his latest Tales of The City and my fave book of the summer.

4. Take the ferry to Sausalito and enjoy al fresco dining at Poggio across from the harbour.

5. Enjoy a coastal drive. Venture down glorious Highway 1, a wonderful reminder of how lucky we are to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Plan an overnight stay in Half Moon Bay, Carmel or Big Sur.

6. Watch the sun go down over small plates and a mojito on the rooftop at Medjool in the Mission. Killer vibe, killer views and killer cocktails.

7. Bask in a little piece of Paris in downtown SF at Cafe Claude. Enjoy an al fresco-style meal, and some jazz with your dinner.

8. Go boating on Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. I know it sounds a little touristy, but on a summer’s day this is a fun, romantic thing to do. Time takes flight here. Make sure you go with someone who can row.

9. A pint outdoors and a million-dollar view. The Ramp is one of the best outdoor food joints in San Francisco. On sunny days no other spot beats it. Sit on the water and watch boats go by with some cold suds and one of the sensational salads. The fish and chips are also naughty, but awfully nice.

10. Go to the beach, any beach. Lt me tell you about China Beach—one of my favorites and one of San Francisco’s hidden treasures. It’s rarely busy here. Soak up the sand, sea and surf while the weather is agreeable. There are picnic tables here too so bring the cooler and a packed lunch.

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