Last Night at the Fillmore: The Kills and the Horrors


It’s hard to know what to expect at a Horrors show; they can be mellow, a band member might thrash at the crowd or rip the mirror ball from the ceiling, or you might be blown away by the spectacle of  lights and loud everything. For this sold out Fillmore show, the UK band had clearly changed since their breakout in 2007. Lead singer Faris warned that they were not just a Tim Burton, aggressive rock gimmick. Still interesting, handsome looking fellows but with their hair toned down, and even calmer is their new music. Released May 4th, the atmospheric songs of Primary Colours compliment The Horrors set with haunting keys and buzzing guitars and a break from the adored punk, garage prowess of previous songs.

The Kills just have it. They bring it and people can’t resist. Opening with “U. R. A. Fever,” their bass and beat tore through the building; there was no way to escape them. In all the smoke you would assume there was a band tucked away, but The Kills are somehow just a duo. Alison Mosshart and Jamie Hince rocked and raged, their bodies jerking and swooning to the music. As each song started, the audience cheered as if it were the anticipated favorite. A cover of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” added some nostalgia to their sweet, abrasive set.

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