courtesy of Yacht

Ah, where to begin. My Labor Day weekend was great, how was yours?
Okay, back to business: In the spirit of all of those boat parties I didn’t attend yesterday, I’d like to call your attention to next week’s YACHT performance at Bottom of the Hill. A Beck-meets-Flight of the Conchords one-man-band out of Portland, YACHT is the nom de performance of Portland musician Jona Bechtolt (who will be opening for the Dirty Projectors). I myself am a big fan of the entertainer’s third and most recent album, I Believe in You. Your Magic is Real, which is stocked to the brim with trademark “electro power-jams” like the falsetto-tastic “Find a Penny Pick it Up.” 

Another notable: Arty indie-rock trio Sholi, who are already riding buzz earned from their self-produced eponymous EP. Headed up by vocalist and guitarist Payam Bavafa (whose many claims to fame include going to high school with yours truly), the group crafts songs that veer into a jazzy psychedelia  that seems to demand both a dancefloor and a campfire.

September 12
at Bottom of the Hill;