Let’s Talk About V-Day


The buzz around Valentine’s Day has begun, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t join in.

Every restaurant, hotel, liquor company, flower shop and sex toy purveyor is doing something about February 14.

Naturally, single people and couples everywhere are also starting their yearly debate and/or downward spiral over V Day:

“What do I get him?” 
“What do I get her?”
“Valentine’s Day matters.”
 “I hate Valentine’s Day.”
“Boxers plastered with hearts are so cliché.”

Wherever you are on the Valentine’s Day spectrum, I suggest you put all the superficial stuff on the back burner and do something about your sex life.

What I’m referring to when I say sex life is this:

You’re having sex with someone else.
You’re not having sex with someone else.
You don’t even care about sex these days.
**You’re having sex with yourself.
**You’re not having sex with yourself.

Remember: “Masturbation is sex with someone you love.” –Woody Allen

Valentine’s Day is certainly about romance (i.e. flowers, chocolate, a candlelit dinner), but I'm making a play for taking it a step further this year.

Recognize and enhance the connection between your romantic life and your sex life. Don't despair. The sex part of the equation is right around the corner.

Play around with your sexual repertoire this year:
Truth, Dare or Chocolate game       Vibe Ring
Chocolate, Truth or Dare game; Blackberry Vibe Ring; courtesy of Good Vibrations

•    Take a steamy bath together or alone.
•    Make dinner at home and wear that sexy thing you’ve never put on because by the time you get home, you’re always too tired to make the effort.
•    Play a game.
•    Buy a new toy.
•    Strip for him/her.
•    Give each other massages.
•    Tell each other the one fantasy you’ve never told anyone.
•    If you’ve told, do it already! (My married guy friend always had the school girl fantasy and had told his wife about it for years. Last year, she made him dinner in a plaid skirt, stockings and pigtails.)
•    If you’re not usually the sex initiator, now's the time.

Sure you can have the romantic dinner with every other couple in the city, and you can do the chocolate and flowers, too.  But please, with a holiday to back you up (or you can always put it on me), now’s your chance to try something different.

Up to you.


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