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Escape to Santa Cruz if you can for a day or an overnight stay. Have a great 4th of July weekend!

Get to Santa Cruz any way you can!

Debby of Stagnaro Bros. sharing seafood secrets that her family’s kept for decades.

Surf’s up.

Tons of spicy food ...

Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk: 100 years of fun, park, beach, boardwalk and millions of memories. Open daily.

Crab salad from Stagnaro Bros. Restaurant on the end of the pier—the best and fresh!

An oasis just an hour and 15 minutes from SF.

Cocktails, anyone?

Put another dime in the jukebox, baby. Smooth tunes at The Red Room.

Beach buddies, Alisha and Reuben.

Bacon and bleu cheese oysters, washed down with a beer. Santa Cruz restaurants are nothing but fresh.

Santa Cruz serves it up on the boardwalk. Visit the 4th of July Spikefest.

What is a trip to the boardwalk without a naughty treat from Marini's at the beach. Gourmet candy and caramel apples. YUM.