Lingerie Line True&Co Offers Home Try On for Innovative New Bras


Whether your girls are big or small, it's pretty damn hard to find a good bra these days – one that doesn't pinch, pull, or turn into a lackluster nude ball after one hand wash. So, I was pretty excited to hear about a local lingerie company that designs bras to act as a second skin – just as sexy and comfortable as the one you were born in, but with more lift. 

In an effort to reinvent the way women buy intimates, True&Co. collected data for over two years and from over half a million women to design their new line, Uniform,  which unveils June 10. Comprised of fifteen lingerie and loungewear essentials that include eight innovative bra silhouettes, each bra design is meant to fit a unique body type and easily transition from day to night. A bra that looks good under a button up and a cocktail dress? We'll take five, please.

True&Co. is also launching TrueSpectrum Tuesday, a whole new way to look at bra sizing. TrueSpectrum takes into account every woman's unique shape, including curvature, position, and weight distribution in addition to the age-old method of band and cup size.

And here's the best part – you can receive five of your favorite bras from the new line at home to try on! No more awkwardly fidgeting in small dressing rooms with bad lighting, or having a strange old lady measure your boobs with tape.

Want to see more of what they're offering? Take a peek at the collection and watch founder Michelle Lam, talk about the line in the video below. 

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