Random architectural spaces are the new stage - especially when it comes to modern dance. Inspired by the gallery where her company performed in Germany, Liss Fain choreographed a work where dancers stayed in the microcosm of their prescribed room, each of which had its own complete performance - so no one in the audience saw everything and no one saw the same show. It’s the dance world’s version of choose-your-own-adventure, and you decide what you see based on where your feet take you.

Fain has the same M.O. in The False and True Are One at Theater Artaud this weekend, placing her dancers in different areas of the building and allowing the audience to walk through the rooms at will. The text of Lydia Davis’s droll, finely wrought short stories - acted by Word for Word’s Jeri Lynn Cohen - floats on top of Fain’s smoothly balletic and physically abstract choreography, all set to Dan Wool’s commissioned score. Which makes for a lovely - if somewhat geographically arbitrary - experience.


December 3-4. Theater Artaud, 450 Florida Street. Tickets are $12.50-25 at lissfaindance.org.