Usually Live 105's holiday shows are steeped with bands that attract the teeny-bopper groupie types, but this year that couldn't be farther from the truth. Live 105's huge December show, Not So Silent Night (12/11) and their subsequent smaller, and more intimate Soundcheck Holiday Ball is way more impressive (kudos to the booking agents!) than any other year that we can remember. Heading up Soundcheck Holiday Ball at Bimbo's 365 on Wednesday (12/9) is White Rabbits, Band of Skulls, The Lovemakers, The Downer Party, and if that isn't enough, they're also throwing in their very own DJ Aaron Axelsen into the mix. Tickets are totally reasonable ($15) considering that's what you would pay to see White Rabbits alone, and the best part? They're not even sold out yet! Not So Silent Night has been sold out for weeks, but honestly, Soundcheck Holiday Ball is more of a top tier musical event featuring excessive amounts of talent, hightlighting several Bay Area natives. If we had our way, we would be going to both, but since White Rabbits is a house favorite and we love to support locals, you know where we'll be spotted.